Why treat cancer in France?

Гюстав Русси - крупнейший центр борьбы с раковыми заьолеваниями

The Gustave Roussy Institute, the leading French centre for cancer research and treatment

Cancer is an epidemic of the 21st century. Scientist and doctors are still searching for the most effective cures. Nonetheless, even if they find something really innovative and helpful, it would not be accessible in most of the countries in the world for a very long time. France is the biggest European country, and, consequently, it has enough resources to offer quality medical care to its citizens. Fortunately, foreigners are also able to benefit from this service. We have created the SAMCI Company in order to help the latter ones get access to the latest cures and technologies non-existent in their home countries.

That is why many people choose to come to France looking for high quality medical care based on innovations and on the results of recent medical trials.

Four reasons to trust your health to French doctors:

German and Israeli clinics are familiar to everyone, but not all of them know that France holds the first place in cancer research and, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the best quality of medical services. The prices here are much lower than in Germany. French doctors pass a long and versatile training before starting their medical practice, for example, in order to become a surgeon, one must study for about 14 years.

The SAMCI Company provides and organizes cancer treatment for foreign patients in Paris, to enable more people to be treated in the best hospitals and clinics under the supervision of eminent professors.

SAMCI cooperates directly with doctors and hospitals and is the official representative of the Mont Louis hospital. This fact serves as the guarantee of transparency of the “clinic doctor-patient” relations and payment procedures.

Paris is not only the capital of fashion: right in the city center there is the Saint Antoine Hospital, which employs the famous Professor Emery DeGramon the inventor the “DeGramon” scheme of chemotherapy. The largest cancer hospital and research institute Gustav Roussy is located just in the suburbs of Paris.

Dr DeGramon is the world-renowned author of numerous publications in the field of treatment of the digestive system cancer. The SAMCI Company has the honor to work with professor and to direct their patients to him.

The research foundation and cancer hospital Gustave Roussy and is the largest in Europe. There are 600 professionals united under one roof who do not only care for people with cancer, but also the development of the new treatments and the dissemination of knowledge in medical and scientific French and international communities.

It develops and produces about 30% of all drugs for chemotherapy.

The elite of French medical community works here, such as:

We also work with the Department of Oncology of the Saint-Antoine Hospital, which has a unique opportunity to convene a council of physicians for patients with complex cases on a fee basis. The clinic can also conduct a variety of operations on the lungs, digestive system and on in the field of gynecology. However, according to the French law, only the major hospitals have the right to carry out complex labor-intensive operations.

The Saint-Antoine Hospital – it is a public clinic that is a part of the AP-HP (Paris Hospital Organization). The Saint Antoine clinic is located in the 12th district. Its facades and roofs, as well as the main entrance hall and entered the list of monuments of history June 4 19621. In 1929 Arnault Tzanck founded here the first blood transfusion center in Paris. The Saint Antoine hospital receives about 6 million patients a year.

If you want to make a request for treatment abroad on our site, be prepared to send us the diagnosis and the medical report, as well as all the information on the treatment applied, on the disease development and the description of the physical condition of the patient to date. And then we send all the information gathered to professional on your disease. Only after this procedure, we can talk about the final cost of your treatement.